European Glass Industry: Launch New Sustainability Logo

The European glass industry has launched a new glass logo to emphasize the environmental and health benefits of the packaging products consumers choose.


The logo is a symbol of recycling. After a year of cooperative efforts of the industry, designers, customers and consumers, a recognized healthy and sustainable logo has been created. Before the launch of the new glass logo, a survey of 10000 consumers in 13 European countries found that Europeans are increasingly concerned about the impact of product packaging on the environment, and most people believe that glass is the safest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly form of packaging.

This concept is increasingly determining people's purchase intention

42% will buy more glass products because they think glass is easier to recycle than other packaging;

33% thought that glass could better prevent food contamination and keep healthy;

31% of the people thought that glass gave people a strong sense of health and safety;

30% of people choose glass because it can reduce the waste generated in the natural environment;

27% of respondents said they buy less glass packaging products because they often can't buy the preferred brand from existing products.


For brands that want to expand their market share, these are obvious drivers, which are conducive to increasing the availability of glass packaging products and facilitating consumers to find glass packaging products that are easy to preserve food on the shelf. The logo can be used for licensed foods and beverages, as well as for pharmaceuticals, fragrances and cosmetics, and developed jointly by designers and consumers.

Michel Giannuzzi, President of the European Federation of glass containers, said: "our ultimate goal is to make consumers across Europe see this new logo on all glass packaging products on the shelves, whether it's stored food, drinks or olive oil, and let consumers know that choosing glass packaging means a sustainable future."

Arnaud warusfel, packaging development manager for food supplier bonduele, said: "if we just try to deal with sustainability alone, we can achieve it by 2030. However, the new logo, which protects both the environment and health, will be a useful tool to align the efforts of brand makers with those of packaging suppliers and to bring together the concerns of enterprises and the public in order to fully achieve sustainable development. "

Post time: Dec-19-2020